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Kommentar von Caelii vom 30.06.2016

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Kommentar von Destrie vom 29.06.2016

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Kommentar von Jeanne vom 28.06.2016 — email

he would not be qualified to be Prsndieet. Do you really think Democrats in the Senate would vote to impeach him? Can the Supreme Court just order him to leave? Does any Republican really want to make Joe Biden president anyway?You want to talk about bad hair and buffoonery – consider Joe Biden as President.

Kommentar von Heloise vom 28.06.2016 — yno97hr7mi at mail dot com

ANA RITA disse:Excelente, tudo para que possamos ajudar a preservar o meio ambiente.Gostaria de saber o endereço aqui em São MaOLas(SAcVADrR).Grota. Ana

Kommentar von Rozario vom 01.09.2013 — email

I've been a Gooner for 45 years and can't wait for us to beat Villa - not least cos one of my best mates is a Villain. I normally enjoy rediang this blog - but today it is nothing short of pathetic - cos there is one bigger than us all - and he came to earth at Christmas to save us from our sins. Wrighty 7 you need to get a life - and the real Ian Wright would agree

Kommentar von Dew vom 30.08.2013 — service at tekdeburr dot com

Hopefully the gunners will go diecrt especially Diaby.His diecrt running at defenders is an asset .It could unsettle the best defence .I expect a tight game with the Villains sitting back and hitting the gunners on the break.If the gunners get a goal it will force the AV guys to come out of the shell. Be warned they may surprise the gunners by going on the offensive.Be prepared for the physical game where tackles will be the order of battle to unsettle the gunners.At the end of the day don't be surprised some gunners could be injured or nursing injuries.

Kommentar von Prashanth vom 29.08.2013

what he said to show how upset he is, and its been totally taken out of ceontxt. I think deep down we all feel like that after a bad run of results cos i know my weekend is ruined. football is skin deep in many of us we all just show our emotions differently.War of words over though chieflets talk football.I think we all know we aint ready for the title yet but what annoys me is why do we have to wait. We have been a top 4 side now for how long and we play some of the best ball known to man yet we win something every blue moon. We all know where are weaknesses lie, yet season after season other teams strengthen when at the same time we weaken then wenger has the cheek to fill us with *** and say we will win the title with youth and we dont need new players, when its so obvious we do. Commanding goalkeeper, ballwinning defender,holding midfield hustler, tricky winger and lethal finisher are all players we lack.We all know this yet nothing has been done. The youth in our side isnt good enough for premiership level. the carling cup is a totally different ball game.We are the arsenal, we shouldnt have to wait god knows how long for a trophy just because the manager thinks he is untouchable and is using the club as an experiment. Yes the youth policy is good but how many of them are going to make it, honestly. Denilson and song aint good enough and the team cant carry them all season.Wenger knows this but he is too stubborn to back down. The board wont say anything because they are money grabbing dicks who are happy to see us just to qualify for europe whilst at the same time flogging our best players for profits. Wenger suits them.Yes he his a great manager and i aint calling for his head but Arsenal are bigger than any man at the club. Player or manager. We are the fans we make arsenal what it is. I dont pay the money i pay to go and support my team that i have loved for god knows how many years, just to be left frustrated because its an experiment.Its not like were a *** team with no money and *** stadium that cant attract the players. Its not like we have to rely on youth is it? We have the mangager. We have the stadium. We have the money and thats what annoys me. We have the foundations there, we just need reinforcements in certain areas. Wenger needs too take a long look at himself in the mirror, yes he made the club what it is today, but the club as helped him too. He'd be nothing without us just like we'd be nothing without him, but he needs to get over himself, buy the right players instead of wasting the money on 17 year olds that we'll have to wait 10years to come good, pick the right team, and give the fans what we deserve. Footballs about the fans. We pay for the season tickets and the T.V licenses to watch our team week in week out. This money pays their wages.4years without a trophy for a team of our stature isnt good enough, and its all because of a stubborn man who wants to prove something by using the club as an experiment. David dein was right with all the investors at this rate we will get left behind. And dont give me any tradition crap. If we were that bothered about tradition we wouldnt have a french manager with one english player in the team would we?We play good ball but we have nothing to show for it. You dont get recognised for anything in football unless you win something. Good ball or not. Without investmenting in new players we dont have the squad to win something an personally i couldnt go 4 years without winning naff all. At this rate and with the youthfulness of our side it could be 6 or 7. Thats pathetic.

Kommentar von Jürgen Keil vom 11.05.2012 — email

Da haben wir früher gewohnt,gegen über vom Taunuseck.....Kranichsteinerstrasse....

Kommentar von Hans-Jochen Panzer vom 20.08.2008 — email

In der Gaststätte " Zum Taunuseck" wurde Wienerkronen Bräu gezapft, daß Bier wurde noch bis Anfang der 60er Jahre mit einem Pferdegespann angeliefert. Dieses mußte leider dem zunehmendem Verkehr weichen.

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