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Hey, that post leaves me feeling folohsi. Kudos to you!

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I think we’ve gotten so afraid of being real with each other. I know that was the realization I came to when I apologized or made up excuses as to the state of my house. Truth is it wa#8ns&217;t until very recently that I’ve been able to make my home reflect how I feel on the inside. And it has been through small steps like this ‘one tile at a time’. Thanks for the reminder Liz!

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ANNI! What a great year you've had! So fun to read this post, especially since I didn't know you earielr in the year. My favorites are, in this order:1) September #12) October3) DecemberLove your style : )

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Danke Christiane. Es gibt keinen Link , die TV-Spots sind in derSeite eieedbunngn. Einfach aufs Bild der spots klicken.Die dcberfrachtung liess sich nicht vermeiden, 26 Jahre sind ne lange Zeit. Lieben Grudf von mir

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